Shaw’s Enterprises Ltd. is a family run business that has been involved in the Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction, Industrial, Transportation and Forestry industries since the late 1950’s. Founded in 1959, our company has been providing customers with the highest standard of service in the industry. Our primary focus is to provide our customers with in-stock products and immediate service.

Over four generations, the family operated business has established itself as an industry leader in supplying consumable industrial products that are essential to resource and construction industries. Throughout many years, Shaw’s has been able to develop key manufacturer relationships and overall industry expertise.

Currently Shaw’s employs over 85 personnel with over 30 employees whose primary functions are to provide expert and direct contact with customers. To properly provide customers with in-stock products and service, Shaw’s has multiple locations in Western Canada within both Alberta and British Columbia.

Shaw’s is always looking to expand in upcoming markets throughout the world and is committed to maintaining its customer relationships.

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