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Satellite/Gyro Rings

Satellite/Gyro Rings

Shaw’s Satellite/Gyro Rings have been utilized by the mining industry in Canada and the United States for over ten years.  They have proven to be cost effective and have resulted in time savings which means an increase in production.

Open Pit Electric Shovel Mining Applications

Figure 1

Satellite/Gyro Rings are designed specifically to assist the shovel operator with the trailing power cable while moving the shovel. The Satellite/Gyro is simply attached to the power cable by manila rope or a short nylon sling (see Figure 1).

Figure 2 

Once the Satellite/Gyro is attached, the shovel operator simply swings the bucket around, hooks on to the Satellite/Gyro with the corner bucket tooth and hoists up the Satellite/Gyro with the power cable attached (see Figure 2). The unique design ensures the Satellite/Gyro maintains its shape and allows the shovel operator to lift up and set down the Satellite/Gyro with ease. The Satellite/Gyro comes fully assembled and ready for use. It has proven to be cost effective as it reduces any unnecessary downtime or extra personnel. Just simply attach the cable to the Satellite/Gyro and the shovel operator is ready to move. The Satellite/Gyro is constructed with 1” wire rope cable and comes in multiple sizes to meet all open pit mining applications:

42”      Designed for electric shovels with buckets 15 yards or less

54”      Designed for electric shovels with buckets greater than 15 yards to 30-34 yards

66″      Designed for electric shovels with buckets greater than 30  yards

72″      Designed for hydraulic shovels

Also available in rubber coated:
Safety Satellite/Gyro Rings

Shaw's Rubber Coated Satellite/Gyro

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