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Tire Chains

Brynj Truck Chains

Common Tire Sizes: 11-24.5 (11r24.5), 11-22.5 (11r24.5), 385/65-22.5, 425/65-22.5, 445/65-22.5, 12-22.5 (12r22.5), 12.00×24, 14.00×24

Common Sizes : 88 Heavy Duty Series (8mm Cross, 8mm Side), 76 Lightweigth Titanium Series (7mm Cross, 6mm Side), 86 Hybrid Series (8mm Cross, 6mm Side)

Common Styles: Singles, Triples, Super Duty (double cross rails),

Common Series : With Cam Locks, No Cam Locks,

Includes : Heavy Duty re-usable bag and Forged Boomers

Available in: All Locations
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